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Setting up a franchise is an increasingly popular way of starting a business. Franchises are attractive as they offer the franchisee a thriving going concern under the banner of an established brand name. While some of the commercial challenges of a start-up can be negated with a franchise, this is likely to come at a cost, and you will want to make sure your franchise agreement is robust. At Hodders Law, we have helped businesses in many different sectors to establish and thrive as franchisees, so you can be assured that we have the expertise you need at this crucial time for your business.

The Franchise Agreement

There are several legal steps that a business must go through to set up a franchise. The franchisor is likely to expect a franchise to sign a confidentiality agreement during negotiations as well as a deposit agreement which may involve a non-refundable deposit. But the most important legal step is the franchise agreement – a binding commercial contract that sets out the terms of the relationship between franchisor and franchisee. The franchise agreement will address areas such as franchising and continuing fees, minimum performance requirements and the duration & termination of the franchise.

Striking the right balance

Getting the agreement right is critical to both parties as it will govern every aspect of the franchise from its inception to termination. Subsequently, the franchise agreement will often be lengthy and complicated. It needs a trained legal eye to ensure that the franchisee understands the terms of the deal and equally, that the franchisor adequately protects its assets such as intellectual property and goodwill. Our commercial contracts team led by partner Sherine Silva is here to take you through the various agreements, ensuring that your interests are fully protected.

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