At Hodders Law, we recognise that many couples choose cohabitation instead of marriage. However, English law treats unmarried couples very differently to married ones. Our Family department knows from experience that it is usually only on separation that unmarried couples become sometimes painfully aware of their very limited legal rights, including having limited, if any, rights in relation to each other’s assets.

You may want to take steps now to formalise an agreement with your partner which states what will happen should you separate in the future. Known as Cohabitation Agreements, at Hodders Law we can guide you through this process with ease, providing you with sound, practical advice.

If you have recently, or are about to, separate, we are skilled in guiding you through the legal process, establishing any rights you may have in relation to property, whether it is owned by you, your partner or both of you together.

We can advise you on issues such as maintenance for you, or for any children you may have, alongside considering any entitlements you may have for financial support from the government. If you are unable to agree on these matters, we are experienced in advising you about making an application to court for a range of orders, tailored to your needs.

At Hodders Law, we keep abreast of developments in the law. However, progress in bringing the rights of cohabitants in line with the rights of married couples is slow, and for now, cohabitants need to be aware of their position and take steps to safeguard it.

It is also advisable that cohabiting couples make wills if they wish to leave any property to the other on death. With an experienced department dealing with Wills and Probate, Hodders Law can assist you in all aspects of your case.

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With solicitors offices in Battersea, Hanover Square London, Harlesden, Harrow and Wembley, Hodders Law can provide the services of a local solicitor backed up by the strength of a big firm expertise.

Our Testimonials

“Dear Karen,

Thank you very much indeed for all that you, William Brown, and your support team at Hodders have done in connection with this purchase, and with the associated sale of Wallers Haven Barn. There were many times when I thought that we were not going to make one or the other, and it is in very large part down to your persistence that we are exchanged. Your care, patience and attention to detail have been much appreciated.

Mr L
March 2016


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