What are your opening hours?

All 4 offices are open 9-5:30pm Monday to Friday, we often make appointments before and after these times for clients who cannot make it during the day, speak to your Solicitor to make an appointment that suits you.

How do I take advantage of the Stamp Duty Land Tax discount for First Time Buyers?

The Inland Revenue introduced a discount to run from 25 March 2010 to 24 March 2012 applicable to First Time Buyers so no stamp duty is paid on properties up to a value of £250,000.00.

To qualify you must ensure that you have a completion date no later than 24 March this year or you will miss the opportunity and Stamp Duty will be assessed at 1% of your purchase price.

Do you have a solicitor available to swear / declare / witness a document?

Hodders have a number of solicitors who are able to assist in this – providing the document does not require additional advice, the solicitor to have known you personal and where sufficient ID is provided. A fee will be charged at £5.00 for the initial document, and £2.50 for every exhibit thereafter.

What is the current nil rate band tax allowance for inheritance tax?

The nil rate band tax allowance for the financial year 2011 – 2012 is £325,000. It will depend on your personal financial circumstances as to whether you have a full nil rate band available on your death.

What happens if I don’t have a Will?

If you don’t have a Will, the administration and distribution of your estate will be dictated by statutory law. It will depend on which family members survive you as to who can administer your estate and also who will benefit from your estate. To ensure that you benefit the people you wish to, you should have  a valid Will.

Can I transfer my home to my children?

You can transfer your home by doing a transfer of equity. However, there are many risks and consequences of doing such a transfer and you need to be fully advised of all of these before you make your decision. A transfer of your property does not mean that you will avoid inheritance tax or any liability for long term care fees.


How do I pay in a cheque?

You can hand in a cheque at any of our 4 branches or you can send it in the post, please ensure that your client matter number is written on the back of every cheque you send in.

How do I make a transfer into your client account

If you require our Hodders Law Client Account details: please call free on 020 8965 9862  or email: enquiries@hodders.co.uk

What methods of payment do you accept?

We are happy to accept; cheque, cash (upto £200), credit card, debit card and bank transfers.



With solicitors offices in Battersea, Hanover Square London, Harlesden, Harrow and Wembley, Hodders Law can provide the services of a local solicitor backed up by the strength of a big firm expertise.

Our Testimonials

“Dear Karen,

Thank you very much indeed for all that you, William Brown, and your support team at Hodders have done in connection with this purchase, and with the associated sale of Wallers Haven Barn. There were many times when I thought that we were not going to make one or the other, and it is in very large part down to your persistence that we are exchanged. Your care, patience and attention to detail have been much appreciated.

Mr L
March 2016


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