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When a person dies intestate (without a Will); a Grant of a Letters of Administration is required. This is because, in these circumstances there is no Will legally nominating a particular person or people to take over the Administration of the deceased estate. The application for a Grant of Letters of Administration is more an administrative task than a legal matter but it is recommended that you engage the assistance of a solicitor in order to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible in what can certainly become a very complex process.

The rules of who should deal with an estate where there is no Will are set out in statutory law and we can assist you in ascertaining who this person should be.

The person dealing with an intestate estate is called an Administrator and this is the person and whose duty it is to complete all paperwork connected with the estate including tax returns. It will be the responsibility of the Administrator of the Estate to realise the assets in the estate and then distribute them in accordance with statutory law.

Sometimes it is a Grant of Letters of Administration which is required where there is a Will but some of the provisions no longer apply, for example if a named executor has predeceased. In this circumstance the Grant to be obtained is a Grant of Letters of administration will the Will annexed.

The length of time this takes will depend on how complex the estate is. A more complex estate where there are a lot of assets will take longer than a more simple estate. It will also depend how many people are benefitting and whether those people are already known to the administrators. In some circumstances a professional research agent will need to be instructed to locate the beneficiaries.

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