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If you are considering entering into a joint venture, the team at Hodders Law are here to help.
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No longer the preserve of multi-national corporations, joint ventures can be an effective vehicle for entering new markets, growth, and diversification.

Increasing numbers of SMEs are pooling their resources and know-how towards a common goal.  Joint ventures can be an innovative way of sharing costs and risk and aligning with an organisation with complementary skills and assets.  The formation of a joint venture requires a number of legal steps.  Sherine Silva and her commercial team have the hands-on experience of helping businesses like yours to take that next step.


Choosing the structure for your joint venture

Joint ventures can be formed under a range of legal structures.  These can range from a co-operative agreement which is limited in scope through to a full-blown joint venture business that is a separate legal entity.  What is best for your business will depend on the circumstances and your goals.  The choice you make is likely to affect your tax position, how profits are shared and liability.  We can provide you with expert advice on the options and what is likely to suit you best.


Setting up the joint venture

Agreeing terms and how the new business will be operated requires careful consideration by you and your intended venture partner.  At Hodders Law, we will be with you every step of the way helping you to put together the documentation that will form the backbone of your new enterprise.


Due diligence

As with any commercial contract, ensuring that your commercial interests are protected will be front of mind.  With so much at stake, it is vital that you fully understand your new business partner.  With our assistance, we can guide you through a robust due diligence process, allowing you to move forward with full confidence.


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